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Venice 10 May 2017: At the time of his 57th biennial – CHARTER

10-05-2017 10:00

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Venice 10 May 2017: At the time of his 57th biennial – CHARTER

Venice 10 May 2017: At the time of his 57th biennial – CHARTER


Curator and creator Prof. Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, critic and lecturer in art history.

We live in an era where everything can be the opposite of
everything! Who is it that establishes what? The authoritativeness is given by the qualification and not by the authority that comes from power! Butalso the qualification what is it? Who is it that dictates the guidelines? In a world where everything is observed from our own point of view, who is it that can master it? Everyone can be right as everyone can be wrong.
And so art has become a mix of everything where those with the biggest voice emerge from the group. This is how bluffs are born, concepts are created and artists are introduced where in the name of art, everything becomes possible!
And so the Venice Biennale is pure art or is it the temple where scribes and Pharisees can afford to do anything?
But maybe we’re not talking about art maybe we’re talking about
something else that we call art, because if we talk about art the real thing then we have to refer to the past, to the giants of history like Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo, Caravaggio up to 800 Italian , to the Impressionists, to the 900 and close the circle with Picasso and Alberto Burri, who have distorted one the form and the other the component elements of the work! But is it also true that if everything has already been done what we supposed to do? Should we switch off the art switch?
In the infinite space and in eternal time the mind has no limits, human
ingenuity has no limits, new discoveries new proposals can always appear on the horizon, and then the art world is divided into two; there are artists and those who do not know they are artists, because basically if we look carefully in each of us there is the artist! it can be in poetry, music literature, sculpture and so on. On the other hand we can all see that we live in a great work that is Creation, and it is the beauty that embellishes life!
We need only a little intellectual honesty, do not bluff, do not cheat, we do not need to cross the border where the freedom of one is against the freedom of the other. We do not need to slaughter animals or make extreme gestures to amaze and make sure that we talk about it for our notoriety! They are just petty gestures. Do we want to amaze? Fill a bomber with flower petals and unhook them where they slaughter, this will be the most amazing thing that is done in this century! The whole world will talk about it, it will touch everyone’s hearts! This is true artistic performance, millions of soft drops of color given by the petals that will rest on those houses that know nothing but bombs and blood ….
There would be so many things to say but now I have to land (CHARTER) Giorgio Gregorio Grasso with the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, during the 57th Venice Biennale, wanted to give a little visibility to only Italianartists and organized this exhibition in the salt warehouses since in the ITALIA pavilion there is it’s only three!